Dr. Richard M. Sullivan is vice president of Clinical Technologies for Nobel Biocare North America in Yorba Linda, California. He completed the two-year Harvard University Seminars in Implant Dentistry program in 1988, and has provided placement, restorative, and dental laboratory aspects of implant dentistry treatment as a general dentist since this time. Beginning in 1990, he has also worked with Nobel Biocare in several capacities, including a two-year relocation to the international headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. Before moving to southern California in 1999, his practice was located at Christ Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Sullivan has provided osseointegration programs at universities and for professional associations nationally, emphasizing streamlined practi-cal approaches to the results achievable with implant-supported dental restorations as compared to other forms of dentistry. He has also published on the topics of esthetics, biomechanics, and treatment of the fully edentulous patient. Dr. Sullivan is a Fellow of the Academy of Osseointegration and has served as Chairman of the Professional and Public Relations Committee.

Momo Vasilic received his degree in Dental Technology from Belgrade Medical High School in 1984. Among his early customers were both the Brånemark Clinic in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark. Mr. Vasilic joined Nobel Biocare AB in 1991, in the Procera® division, and ultimately managed the Procera® Implant Laboratory until 1995, when he became Procera® International Product Specialist, following his acceptance as a CDT for the Swedish National Board of Health & Welfare.

Mr. Vasilic has published several international articles, book contribu-tions, and scientific papers while working with many world-renowned dental personalities. He is a member of American Academy of Osseoin-tegration and several prominent study clubs. In 1999 Mr. Vasilic moved to Yorba Linda, California, and after several different positions within Nobel Biocare he is now functioning as a Global Scientifi c Clinical Marketing Manager.